Every local specialty creates a culture. It shapes the people who produce it and those who consume it – it connects us with one another. It shapes the landscapes from which it originates, and it is shaped by them.

At AFRO COFFEE, we have one mission: to bring you the finest coffee in the world. We believe the best coffee is from East Africa, the cradle of coffee culture. We never buy coffee from plantations there, only coffee that families have grown in their gardens, cultivated sustainably with love and passion.

Our mission is to connect you to this passionate community through the coffee we make together. Every cup of AFRO COFFEE is therefore much more than an aromatic delight: It is a tribute to the African art of living, to the lightness, happiness and confidence that radiates from this community. If we add small amounts of South American coffee to some varieties to create particularly mild notes, then this is of course without exception Fairtrade coffee and offers the premium quality that AFRO COFFEE stands for.

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