Afro Tea

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Afro Tea Packs

Selected Teas

Blended by hand, Afro Tea is as diverse and mysterious as the continent it comes from.

The AFRO TEA varieties are just as diverse and mysterious as the continent they come from, shaped by the exotic blossom and wild fruits of Africa. AFRO TEA is made from high quality loose tea leaves which are blended by hand. Most of our teas are based on the Rooibos and Honeybush varieties which are indigenous to South Africa. Both are caffeine-free and are renowned for their soothing effect thanks to the low proportion of tannins.
The sortiment comprises also green and black teas, which found their way to Africa in ancient times. In brief: Afro Tea offer a real afro-disiac taste-experience.

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Afro Coffee

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About Fairtrade

AFRO COFFEE believes that FAIRTRADE should be the only...

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Black tea with sweet aroma.

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From Africa with love.