Hot Cocoa Drink, Bio, Fairtrade

from Africa with Love.


Who wants to lose six words after a sip of HOT COCOA by AFRO COFFEE, says: intense, creamy, chocolatey, tender, bitter, sweet! The others simply say: WOW! This is due to the high cocoa content, the high quality ingredients of our perfectly balanced blend and Africa. All over the world, you appreciate good cocoa. In Africa, they know how to grow it and from there we get our cocoa beans.

Of course fair trade and from controlled organic cultivation to make everything right from the cocoa tree to the HOT COCOA. HOT COCOA - 1 KG PACK Perfectly balanced mix with 25% of the finest origin cocoa from Africa and other high quality ingredients from certified organic farming. Chocolate, slightly dry and at the same time pleasantly sweet. FAIRTRADE and BIO certified!

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